St. Lucia, a Lovely Place To Be

There are many beautiful places in the Caribbean Islands. Most have beautiful beaches, popular resorts, and well known sights to see. Various islands are known to host the rich and famous, or be playboy hideouts, boast outrageous nightlife or be family friendly. Yet one particular island has been called the most beautiful island in the caribbean. Some have described St Lucia as “dark”, “brooding”, even “exotic”.
True, St. Lucia has beautiful beaches that are enjoyed by the masses, just like the majority of Caribbean islands. The dramatic topography of this island is what makes it possibly the most beautiful Caribbean island.
Beginning with the towering beauty of the Pitons, twin volcanic peaks that tower over 700 meters above the coral reefs, nature trails, waterfalls, and medicinal hot springs of this memorable island. One sight to find beautiful scenery is Pigeon Island National Park. Unforgettable views can be found on the Tet Paul Nature Trail. Sugar beach, not to be missed can be found in the Soufriere Quarter of St. Lucia.
Island visitors should not miss the town square of La Soufriere, it is scenic to say the least. Actually most any photo of this lush botanical island is gorgeously green and beckoning. There are resorts to enjoy such as Fond Doux Resort and Plantation and Ladera Resort. There are also quaint fishing villages and a drive- in volcano too experience. Water lovers will want to visit Smugglers Cove and Laborie Beach.
St. Lucia is a very special place to behold. Go see the sights, breathe in the fresh scents and take in all the breath taking scenery she offers. It will prove to be a most unforgettable event.